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Bird enthusiasts often need not look any farther than their own garden to find a microcosm of feathered friends. Even the most desolate spaces can attract birds if they are equipped with a well-stocked bird feeder, which draws a variety of species that might otherwise remain out of sight.

Bird feeders are as varied as the birds they attract, coming in many shapes, sizes and materials. Some bird feeders are simple and hand-made, such as a pine cone covered in peanut butter and seeds. Alternately, they can be elaborate pole-mounted structures with covered roofs and multiple perches to attract birds and create a decorative focal point to the garden. Though they may look differently and have different features, all bird feeders contain one thing in common: food birds like to eat. Sunflower, millet, nyjer, peanuts, suet, corn, safflower, flax are some of the most popular seeds for filling a bird feeder.

In addition to serving as the point of entertainment for birdwatchers, bird feeders also provide supplementary food for over wintering birds in the months when other food is scarce. Those looking to add vibrant life to their outdoor spaces should consider their birding aims, their environment and possible deterrents as they choose which type of feeder to install.

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  • Bird Baths

    As essential as food and shelter, a source of fresh water can draw birds to the garden all year round. In its simplest form, a bird bath is a dish of water…

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We aim to help you enhance your garden enviroment all year round, not by just encouraging the birds, but by also adding some interest, colour and design.

We will be working hard to constantly introduce new stock and build upon the site in the hope that if you are looking for something unusual and beautiful for your garden birds, then TheBirdFeeder will be high on your list of shops to visit.